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to encouraging stewardship of the environment, land conservation, watershed protection and eliminating harmful chemicals. additional funding provided by: the colcom foundation. the wallace genetic foundation and by the charles a. frueauff foundation. >> this week a special edition of "to the contrary" >> i'll give eight shot. >> that's the time that you go. >> common sensical solution. >> i was warned that it might well cost me my seat. >> we have long traditional of women working. >> i was fortunate to have a mother who felt like anything was possible. >> hello, i'm bonnie erbe welcome to "to the contrary." women have served in congress since 1917 when a republican, jeanette rankin was elected from montana. this year a new group of woman in the house determined to make a difference. we sat down with many of them and now we're introducing them to you so you can see what they have planned. >> a live long resent of arizona. sinema comes from humble beginnings. >> my family was actually homeless when i was a kid for two years after my parents got divorced, my family lived in an abandoned gas stat
are looking out for health and safety that that's important we want workers to be in a safe environment. but i want to make sure that we aren't overburdening our small businesses and non-profits. >> i grew up in a family that was going through a lot of challenges economically, but i had incredible opportunity given that i got to go to college with student loans and financial aid and work study programs and get a great education. >> delbene was born in alabama but moved around the country as her parents looked for work. after college delbene worked in oregon as a researcher in molecular immunology. later she moved to seattle and earned her mba. delbene worked 12 years for microsoft, helped create drugstore.com, she advised a nonprofit that offered microfinance and acheived a number of other entrepreneurial successes. >> i've always been in a position where i could take care of my family. and i think over time we've made it harder and harder for families. and i think policy is something we can use to help make sure everyone has access to opportunity. and that's really what leads me to want to ru
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)